You’ve Pre-Ordered An iPhone 6s… Now What?

The impossible happened. You’ve managed to pre-order the new iPhone.

Apple veterans know that this is only the beginning of your journey to early adopter bliss. Here are some tips to prepare.


Back up your phone.

Don’t get caught without your data. It’s ideal to set up the phone to make sure it’s activated and working, upon purchasing it. This is truly important for a smooth transition from your old iPhone. If you’re upgrading from an Android or non-Apple device, here are a couple data transferring apps to help ease the process:



You can also do it the old way: Restore From Backup through iTunes. Here’s a guide to backup your device using your computer.

Prepare yourself mentally.

We know this sounds silly. But if you’re the guy who hasn’t eaten breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and running on an hour of sleep; you’re more than likely going to be THAT GUY. That is, as in the one that causes a scene, much like this one (in this case that woman):

Maybe don’t skip breakfast; bring a snack. You can have a latte. Many times on past launch days some of the higher traffic Apple Stores will even offer complimentary coffee and water. However, it’s smart to be sensible and courteous. Don’t order five cups of coffee to go. They’re still helping you get your phone, not being your barista.

Show up early. But stick to your reservation window.

The reservation may mean you have an iPhone 6s waiting at the store with your name on it. However, there’s still going to be a line. Aim to arrive half an hour early or more to scope out the line. Remember that it is just an estimation and isn’t likely the store will give you the phone earlier if you camp out or show up the moment the doors open.

Research cases.


Shameless plug? You could call it that. But you also don’t want to be this guy:




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