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June 23, 2016

Your new travel companion holds more than just your Apple Watch. Check out our leather roll to keep your charging cords, headphones, bands, and more.


Your new travel companion holds more than just your Apple Watch. Check out our leather roll to keep your charging cords, headphones, bands, and more.senacases.com/watch-roll#apple #applewatch #leather #vintage #travel #jetsetter #style

January 22, 2016
All-New Magnet Flipper Stitchless Sleek, Slim Profile
All-New Magnet Flipper has a sleek, stitchless exterior for a slimmer profile and enhanced grip.

Nearly a decade ago, we set the bar introducing the Magnet Flipper. The first of its kind: Protective, practical, yet polished. Today, it’s revamped with a stitchless exterior, for a sleek profile and a better grip.


Functionality not forgotten.

Hidden magnets secure the front screen cover to open with a flick of a finger, close with a turn of your wrist.

All-New Magnet Flipper

Achieving good looks without sacrificing function.

An interior slot for a credit card or ID ensures a minimalist approach and look. Precision cutouts keep the conversation going and your phone charged, even if the case is closed.




Now available on senacases.com for iPhone 6/6s and 6 Plus/6s Plus.

To celebrate, we’re offering the All-New Magnet Flipper for 15% OFF until the end of 1/22/16. See here for details.

August 12, 2014

Istanbul is widely known as the Paris of the East for good reason. Its cafés, garden parks, and river walks are all reminiscent of Paris. It’s a city that’s truly built for strolling. And like Paris, the city is brimming with history; each nook and cranny is hiding a fascinating story just waiting to be told.

But make no mistake—Istanbul is very different than the French capital.

Once at the end of the 4,000-mile-long Silk Road, Istanbul has an ancient allure. Wandering the streets and alleyways, you feel as though you’re wandering through an open-air museum.

Inside the Grand Bazaar

The city is also widely known as a city of traders. In markets throughout the city, shirts, underwear, maps, prints, slippers, sunglasses, pashminas, kebabs, grilled corn, watermelon, cherries, carpets, you name it—anything you could possibly want is within reach and is being sold by friendly, open, merchants. It’s the inviting people that make the city feel much smaller than it actually is.

Istanbul is a hodgepodge of the traditional and the modern, the old and the new. But when wandering the bazaars, you feel as though life is unfolding as it has for centuries.

The handcrafted goods in particular are an eye-catching draw for visitors. Great attention has been paid to subtle details. Leather products abound and continue to be just as important as they were to some of the earliest civilizations in Anatolia. Leather work here has been influenced by the Middle East, Egypt and different cultures around the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.

While leather craftsmanship and the existence of tanneries developed rapidly amid early Turkish communities, it wasn’t until the rise of the Ottoman Empire that Anatolia’s leather trade flourished and became sought after throughout Europe.

Today, leather continues to be an integral part of Turkish culture. When traveling to Turkey, leather goods are everywhere and you’ll find that the quality and value is unbeatable.

leather grand bazaar

Istanbul’s reputation as the Paris of the East is attributed to its illustrious history and modern-day liveliness. But the nickname in some ways doesn’t do the city justice. It’s truly much more.

Istanbul is a place where two continents collide—a crossroads of civilizations. It’s had a front row seat as history unfolded at its feet. That layer upon layer of rich history is on display today in the bazaars and cafés that pepper the city and it’s what makes Istanbul one of the best European travel destinations. Just keep in mind that this particular city doesn’t need the comparison. It’s stunning and captivating in its own right.