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July 13, 2016

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June 23, 2016

Your new travel companion holds more than just your Apple Watch. Check out our leather roll to keep your charging cords, headphones, bands, and more.


Your new travel companion holds more than just your Apple Watch. Check out our leather roll to keep your charging cords, headphones, bands, and more.senacases.com/watch-roll#apple #applewatch #leather #vintage #travel #jetsetter #style

July 8, 2015
June 9, 2014

While the recent WWDC 2014 event didn’t bring news of the rumored iPhone 6 or a smartwatch, it certainly offered no shortage of new product announcements. Most notably was the unveiling of iOS 8, which received a subtle but significant overhaul that may change the way you use your device.

According to Apple, iOS 8 offers a simpler, faster and more intuitive user experience than the current operating system. New features include the iCloud Photo Library, a new Messages app, the QuickType keyboard and an entirely new Health app.

ios 8The iCloud Photo Library will give users the ability to share photos and videos anytime, anywhere, and across enabled devices. Updates to photos will be reflected across devices automatically, giving users Dropbox-like flexibility.

Messages was also revised to include a more immersive experience. Users are also given more control over group conversations, and there are more options for sharing videos and photos. Active lifestyles will benefit from the addition of a new Health app that allows health and fitness apps to communicate with each other—ultimately providing app developers with more tools and giving users more detailed insights about their health.

Arguably borrowing a bit from the Android ecosystem, Apple has also created a smarter and more personalized keyboard called QuickType. The keyboard offers predictive typing and even suggests favorite phrases, promising quicker messaging with fewer taps.

Apple hasn’t forgotten about Siri this year either. For starters, Siri can now identify whatever song you’re listening to using Shazam. Additionally, music and other content can now be purchased from iTunes through Siri, without requiring a visit to the iTunes app. In iOS 8, Siri can also post what you say to your Facebook or Twitter account, perform simple math, and find movie times, all hands-free without opening another application.

By no means is this an exhaustive breakdown of Apple’s latest generation iOS platform. It’s merely a hint of what exciting changes are in store for iPhone and iPad users. Although developers can get their hands on the beta software and SDK now, consumers will be able to take full advantage of iOS when it launches as a free software update this fall.

March 6, 2014

Love bacon? Is bacon one of the reasons for getting out of bed in the morning? Well then Oscar Mayer has the app for you.

The well-known purveyors of meat have come up with their own “appcessory”—a first for a food company. They’ve created a device that plugs into the headphone jack of an iPhone and emits the sound and smell of sizzling bacon.

Oscar Mayer won’t be selling the device alongside their delicious products in grocery stores, so the only way to get one is by filling out an application at wakeupandsmellthebacon.com. Oscar Mayer is giving away only a limited quantity of the bacon-scented mobile devices, but the corresponding app is available for free via the Apple App Store. Without the device, the app at least allows you to set an alarm to the sound of a sizzling pan.

“With nearly two million mentions of #bacon on Instagram, it seems people never get tired of bacon. That’s why our team decided to develop a device to give folks what they long for most,” said Tom Bick, senior director of integrated marketing and advertising at Oscar Mayer. “As the category leader, Oscar Mayer is thrilled to bring the first-ever, bacon-scented mobile device to market, giving bacon aficionados a new reason to welcome their morning alarm clocks.”

If you ever dreamed of the day when you could wake up to the smell of bacon every single morning, that day has finally come. See how it works below.