Our Tumbled Leather


Our tumbled leather is full grain cowhide , minimally treated to maintain its natural characteristics and markings. The tumbling process brings out its inherent grain.  The beauty of this leather is that various areas of the hide have their own response to the tumbling treatment, leaving portions of the hide smoother or more textured.  Every case is individually cut and crafted using different parts of the hide, resulting in each having its own unique texture and distinct look.



Future Folio Leather

Every case is uniquely crafted from different parts of the hide.



This leather will mature by softening and growing darker from the natural oils that transfer from your skin to the product. Over time, the leather will also acquire scratches and scuffs as it is used.


Excessive exposure to moisture and sunlight can affect the color, quality and feel of the leather. It is recommended to keep Heritage leather away from sunlight, liquids, cleaners, and oils to allow the leather to age naturally.