Cracked Screen? No Problem if you have an HTC

HTC is hoping to ease the fears of smartphone users by offering one screen replacement for free. The unique offer can be redeemed by US customers at any point during the first six month of phone ownership. The program is the first of its kind from a major smartphone manufacturer.

This offer is part of the new HTC Advantage—an initiative the company says “marks an enhanced focus and commitment to customers who select the best and want to keep it that way.” In addition to worry-free protection, HTC Advantage also promises to deliver the latest versions of Android to customers, along with up to 50GB of complimentary Google Drive cloud storage. The program applies to HTC’s One family of smartphones, including the One, One mini and One max.

So what’s the catch you ask? There is none—the HTC Advantage comes at no cost to US customers. Purchase a new HTC One and rest assured you’ll be covered in the event you drop your phone—for the first six months, at least.

“We recognize that people spend good money to buy smartphones. Creating premium products that offer customers the best and latest has always been the HTC way, and now we’re carrying that commitment beyond the handset purchase to ensure customers remain satisfied beyond day one,” said Jason Mackenzie, president of HTC Americas. “In line with our history of firsts, we want to be the first to protect the investment customers make in our premium devices, and have created a new position of vice president of customer experience to oversee this commitment as well as the launch and evolution of HTC Advantage.”

Chances are that other manufactures will take note of HTC’s commitment to software updates and hardware protection, and introduce similar programs. But for now, HTC stands alone in addressing the challenges of today’s mobile lifestyle.


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