Our Burnished Leather


The Burnished collection is made with full-grain, vegetable tanned leather that is finished to have a smooth surface and sleek hand. In the final process, a light wax coating is applied to the leather, leaving a soft shine . Each product, once manufactured, is then individually hand-burnished to achieve the desired characteristics of a two-tone finish and a worn-in look.

After 10 weeks of use (above)

The Burnished collection pieces will show signs of wear, the way only natural leather does.



This leather will mature by softening and growing darker from the natural oils that transfer from your skin to the product. Over time, the leather will also acquire scratches and scuffs as it is used.


Excessive exposure to moisture and sunlight can affect the color, quality and feel of the leather. It is recommended to keep Burnished leather away from sunlight, liquids, cleaners, and oils to allow the leather to age naturally.